Trump Administration to Enlighten Americans and the World

Although it won’t be done in any traditional sense.

“Sunlight is said to be the best disinfectant” – Justice Louis D. Brandies

And this is precisely how America will survive the brutal onslaught of abject idiocy in the highest offices.

There is plenty of irony in this story. Take for example the mass media that decided some 30 years ago to give more credence to sensationalism than journalism and bred this phenomenon of “fake news.” The same media outlets that played a role in building this monster may be the only chance we have to subdue it. By changing their policy of “what’s whacked over what’s fact” (returning to truth in journalism), we just might be able to combat the erosion of American security, education, and ultimately economic might, all threatened by the reckless idiocy of this administration of top-honors graduates of the University of Bullshit. Only facts can combat the real and present danger presented by just the right mixture of fundamentalist religious ideology and corporate greed to thrust America into a 21st century dark age.

Case in point: anyone who would tip the vote in favor of a person with no experience in education who publicly expresses her primary interest as “evangelizing America” (Betsy DeVos) to a position of authority over the nation’s public school system is on a religious crusade the likes of which has never been seen in the same great nation that found its greatness in transcending this way of backwards thinking and joining hands with all religions (and no religion) through a secularized public contract.

DeVos in 2001 listed education activism and reform efforts as a means to “advance God’s Kingdom”. In an interview that year, she also said that “changing the way we approach … the system of education in the country … really may have greater Kingdom gain in the long run”.

Katherine Stewart (December 13, 2016), Betsy DeVos and God’s Plan for Schools, The New York Times. Retrieved December 14, 2016.

“Kingdom gain?” WTF is that?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Ever heard of Stephen Bannon? How about Jeff Sessions? I would wager that the vast majority of Americans who call themselves Christians did not sign up for this. They were blinded by the politically motivated fake conflation of all strains of Christianity being referred to simply as “Christian” and lost sight of the fact that there are those who identify as Christians who are willing to sell out to a pathological liar who runs gambling halls, cheats on his wives, promotes greed and intolerance, and who exploits the poor, and does so in an effort to get a leg up on hastening the second coming of Christ (yes, Armageddon won’t come soon enough for these deluded and dangerous idiots Trump surrounds himself with).
This is no longer a discussion about liberals vs. conservatives, this is now a discussion about survival. Trying to navigate world politics (or American politics for that matter) using fake news and alt-right conspiracy theories coupled with xenophobia and the insecurities of an idiot child with a severe emotional complex is a recipe for collapse. But if you get rid of the top idiot you have the next in line waiting to launch a nuclear holocaust of Biblical proportions. It’s like peeling a shit onion. We can only hope that the media and American public has the stomach for peeling back every single layer. Our future depends on it.
You’ve heard the bad news and now here is the good: as painfully obvious as it may seem to avoid, the American experience operates on a short memory. Sometimes in order to know how good we have it, we’ve got to have it really really REALLY bad. It’s painful, but it seems to be a necessary part of re-awakening a forgetful American consciousness. Why did we want secularism? Oh yeah, because the alternative is x. Why did we want the right to choose? Oh yeah, because the alternative is y. And why did we want truth in journalism? Yes. now it all makes sense. Too bad we had to create so much damage just to know what we already knew.

We can always use our collective might to mitigate the damages. The American people are  not disappointing us in this regard. When you lose the popular vote by 3 million votes, you cannot pretend that your ideas are accepted by the majority without hearing FROM the majority. Many of the people who voted for Trump simply didn’t like Hillary or thought a businessman might help their financial outlook. They had no idea they were voting for what they got. Many of the Christians who aren’t phased by the mention of certain people in office being Christians did not realize that they were THOSE kinds of Christians. Americans are so busy working two jobs with zero benefits – so their employers can show growth on the shareholder reports next year – that they simply could not pay enough attention. Keeping Americans exhausted and complacent worked not only in the favor of the greediest among us, it worked in favor of the slimiest among us; it worked in favor of the evangelical creationists; people who thrive not only on fake news, but fake charity, fake history, fake concern for women, fake science, and fake smiles. The people our great presidential consumer of fake news surrounded himself with could only be the most fake people on Earth, right? It’s a given. And so he got evangelicals.

The problem they now face is answering the question “how do you get from point A to point B with a fake map, a fake car, and fake gas?” The answer: you don’t. You walk in circles until you fall down. Trump and his fake brigade won’t be able to fake it for long. And we Americans who know the truth will be right there to prevent disasters where we can and to clean up the mess where we can’t. Today, Americans are funding organizations like the ACLU at unprecedented levels in response to having the foresight to prepare for the inevitable result of operating on bad intel. The media is not afraid to talk about it because for the first time the effects of their having been part of the fake news problem in the first place is appearing as though it will indeed have serious repercussions for them personally. Not only is CNN now trying to be more serious, they are launching a series of programs on religion aimed on shedding light on the mindset of believers. Knowledge is power. And knowing thy enemy is a strategic advantage. Whether CNN sees it this way or not is uncertain. But the timing could not be better.

Thankfully, we humans who know how to discern fake news from real news are are able to group and plan and respond. People who never before would have ever thought they would be working together will be working together. I for one don’t care what your religious or political ideologies are, if you know the difference between fake news and truth and you are willing to fight for truth, you just became my new best friend.

Bring on the sunlight!!!

(In the photo, you can see clearly the dynamics at play: Pence is enthralled with the idea of having a mindless parochial-schooled billionaire with the goal of grooming American children with his very brand of intolerance, while trump – the [possibly unwitting] cause of all of this – can only bask in the glory of his blissful state of making himself feel great again. Meanwhile DeVos can’t believe she was able to buy her way into a political position that gives her the ability to evangelize using the tax money of Americans rather than her own donations as she has since the 1980s. Her position as head of public education is about as much irony as I can handle in a lifetime.)

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