Resources for God-Free Kids

The following URL links to a site hosted by the American Humanist Association. It includes resources for young kids, teenagers and parents. It teaches god free humanist values including how to be good without a god and how to think, reason and understand science. Dr Darrel Rey has made himself available to answer any questions that the kids or their parents want to pose.


The site introduces itself thus:

“The goal of this website is to encourage curiosity, critical thinking, and tolerance among young people, as well as to provide accurate information regarding a wide range of issues related to humanism, science, culture and history.

We hope that you and your kids will enjoy reading about Darwin the Dog, who is committed to an uplifting, altruistic morality without the influence of religion; and who is able to enjoy mythology while still differentiating between the real and the imaginary.

There are also lots of fun and informative videos to watch and science experiments that you and your kids can do together to explore scientific principles and learn about the scientific method.

Teenagers and adults can also visit our teen site, where they can learn about dealing with intolerance, standing up for their rights, browse our recommended reading list, and much more. Parental Advisory Notice: The Kids Without God Teen website contains discussions of themes, issues and language that would not be appropriate for younger children.”

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