Nothing New in the Ladies’ Room

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Long before the discussion concerning laws that allow transgenders into the women’s restrooms, wearing their dresses and high heels and lipstick, transgenders never imagined walking into the men’s room. They would surely be tossed out or propositioned. No, transgenders went where it made sense and where they fit in: the ladies’ room. Where do people think cross-dressers, peeping toms, and transgenders have been doing their business all these years? Where were the overprotective fathers all this time who now suddenly claim new public restroom laws will force penises in their daughter’s faces? Do they really think laws will suddenly open the floodgates to an influx of “ladies’ room virgins” with penises flopping around every stall?

First of all, ladies’ rooms have private stalls. I can’t imagine your 7-year-old daughter will be standing and peeing in one urinal while a transgender pulls out a penis for her to see (assuming she still has one) in the next. Transgenders want to be seen as women – not men. And if your 7-year-old daughter has to stand to pee, maybe you should look into that. But this is a silly idea because there are no urinals in ladies’ rooms.

Second of all, where are the statistics that show children and women are being assaulted in public restrooms by transgenders? Transgenders are already using those restrooms and you over-zealous macho men can’t seem to tell the difference. What makes you think you will be able to tell the difference any better because of a law? And what exactly are transgenders doing to people in the ladies’ room? Why hasn’t this been news before? Do you have any answers at all?

And thirdly, All I can see coming from this fiasco is insult added to injury. It was bad enough that insecure men everywhere want to beat up on transgenders. Now you are all implying that every transgender is a pervert or a child molester. What is wrong with you people? Aren’t you the same men who pay for sex from transgenders? Aren’t you the same men who watch transgender porn online? Isn’t this why you think transgenders are all perverts and all have penises? You’ve never detected the vast majority of transgenders who do not have penises and who are not participating in prostitution or porn. Your narrow view of transgenders is formed from YOUR perversion, not theirs.

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