Secular Writer Inquiry

Secular Press is looking for talented writers who share with us a passion for all that is real. We are a growing media company dedicated to building the world’s largest and most respected secular destination for news, views, art, and resources. Although we are a for-profit publisher and our goal is to help talented writers and artists to monetize their talents, we will never become a clickbait quasi-news sell-out. What makes us an indispensable source for secularists is the integrity of our content.

Tell us about yourself below. What motivates you? How will you handle the success of being a staff writer for the world’s most popular secular media outlet? Attach a resume which highlights your writing career and provide us with a few links we can follow to your existing writing contributions to the world. As a staff writer for Secular Press, you will be given a WordPress access account and the freedom to write as much or as little (we’re hoping for as much) as you can manage. For a limited time, we are offering Founding Member status to those who start now and contribute at least one article per week. Other requirements apply.

NOTICE: If you run a personal blog and are short on extra time to write articles just for us, we can pull articles from your blog and include them in Secular press for a wider audience to enjoy. If you prefer this option, please include:

  • Your head shot (300 x 300 min. size)
  • Your real name and your name as it will be shown on your articles
  • Your professional bio (or link to your bio)
  • Your blog atom/rss feed address
  • Your facebook address
  • Your twitter address
  • The words “harvest my word farm” in the message body

We’ll be sure to make you look good and send plenty of readers your way.

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