Our Mission

Secular Press Media Group is a hybrid publishing boutique dedicated to widespread distribution of real news, valid views, and practical ideas in support of secularism. We provide process and resources for creative and outspoken secularists to position themselves in front of their wider audience and establish their brand.

Secular Press provides expertise for:

  • Matching artists, writers, proof-readers, editors, and distributors.
  • Choosing the right licensing models.
  • Electronic and traditional print media distribution.
  • Websites, blogs, social media, and SEO/SEM.
  • Email list management.
  • Merchandising.
  • Crowdfunding/crowdsourcing.
  • Safeguarding IP (intellectual property).

Secular Press transforms writers and artists into published authors and professional artists and helps them to distribute electronically and through traditional distribution channels. We want to see you succeed not only for the sake of success but because we want the marketplace flooded with good secular works. This is how we gauge OUR success. Start learning about the process now and before you know it your works will be available to your audience. The best place to start is Secular Self-Publising 101. This is where writers and artists learn how to turn ideas into action while avoiding common pitfalls.

Are you ready to be published right now?

One of the best places to get started as a writer is to write for the Secular Press online publication. We are always looking for good journalists, columnists, and other contributors.