Let Them Eat Cake – Just Kidding! Let Them Starve

I recently had the misfortune of encountering an article by one Peter Guirguis titled “3 Strange But True Reasons Why God Doesn’t Feed All the Starving Children in The World.” (I will not link to the article because I cannot … Continue reading

Conundrums in Genesis: Luminosity

The creation story in the first chapter of Genesis contains a number of items that are incoherent as well as incompatible with scientific discoveries....

Ten Signs You Might Be a Regressive Skeptic

At this point there is little I could say about the tragic comedy that is the Regressive Left in the wake of the terrible attacks in Paris of November 13 that hasn’t already been said, probably better than I could...

No, Actually, Murder is Way Worse than Abortion

Now that I have stopped seething over it, I feel compelled to respond to Dwight Longnecker’s September 15 article explaining why abortion is “more serious than simple murder.”  Yes, that’s right, folks: The destruction of a clump of non-viable cells … Continue reading

Why I Am an Anti-Theist (and Why You Should Be Too)

I was an anti-theist before I had ever heard the term. Hell, I was an anti-theist before I even knew I was an atheist. As far back as I can remember, organized religion has struck me as an end unto … Continue reading

Setting the Record Straight

Those who follow my facebook page may have seen my recent post in which I rattled off a list of things that are true – as in, are fully established facts or are overwhelmingly supported by all available evidence. Being … Continue reading

The War on Atheists (and the World)

A bit about atheists: In a nutshell, atheists make sense of their world using observations of natural phenomenon. I am sure most atheists would agree....

I know because of my personal experience

The first thing a professional psychology student learns is that the human brain is a very imperfect instrument. Human perception is flawed and easily...

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

In atheist discussion groups, I often hear people saying they could never date or marry a theist.  “I value rational thought too much,” one...

10 MORE Reasons Christianity Makes No Sense

When I published the predecessor to this article a few weeks ago, I received a good deal of feedback – the most frequent comment...