God vs. Government is Windfall for Corporations

In America, the problem we have with our economy is not the fault of the “the government,” as many who follow fake news will have you think, it is due to corporations lobbying the government, which is to say using their incredible wealth to pay attorneys to live in D.C. and spend their days and nights – every day and night – in parties and in grocery stores and in the halls of the various political buildings influencing every politician in D.C. one way or another to the benefit of their corporate employers.

Ultimately politicians should refuse the lobbyists, but in our system of politics, We the People must decide and so the politicians take the proposed laws from the lobbyists to the people and with help from the mass media – which is funded and controlled by the same corporations who fund the lobbyists – the laws are passed and the people suffer. It is the people who have sealed their own fate by not being educated enough to know friend from foe. They have been convinced that the same people and corporations that poison them with horrible food products and pollution, who employ impoverished foreign children in filthy factories with debilitating work environments to manufacture their goods, who are constantly lobbying not to help their communities with fair tax contributions – many of whom won’t even help their own family members – are going to help them.

This recent Presidential election was the culmination of this phenomenon in action. It is Stockholm Syndrome at a national level. A vast number of Americans have been raised, educated, and controlled in their spending as well as their ideology, by the media. Celebrity and financial success (and often times at the expense of others) are seen as being more virtuous than humility and charity. And as strange as it may seem, the mass majority of adherents to this worship of excessive wealth and fame also claim to be Christians.

Trump is not a person outside of “the government,” he is not a conservative Christian, and he is not a champion of the people. Trump is a member of the corporate billionaires club who feed their families $1,000 bottles of campaign at the $50,000 hand-carved marble dinner table by driving politics from back stage, ensuring the average American family eats horribly, is educated horribly, and must turn to religiosity to cope with it all. A religion that only strengthens the corporate position. Trump is proposing to these same Americans to bring into his circle of leadership MORE CORPORATE BILLIONAIRES; the same people who are ridiculously wealthy because they believe in a society with huge disproportion of wealth. Their success is the spoils of the failure of the America people to enact better tax laws and bankruptcy laws and employment laws. The average American thinks these big rich guys are going to give them jobs, but the fact is that they got rich by NOT giving them jobs. They got rich by NOT contributing to education and health of the people they intend to work like slaves for pay that leaves employees so desperate they are afraid to complain or leave. Nothing is going to get better in America without the ultra wealthy paying fair taxes and corporations paying fair taxes and realistic living wages. In order for the Americans who are worried about their future to become more content, the people at the top need to start properly rewarding the people who fuel their success from the bottom.

The reason we are voting for someone like Trump is because the corporations through the media have convinced us WE are the problem. For WE are the government. The conservative Christian beliefs – supported in biblical terms – that government is bad (God is the only legitimate governing body), legitimizes the corporate scheme. When Trump says he is taking power from the government and giving it back to the people, what he really means to say is that he is doing nothing about the real problem. The government has always belonged to the people as is evident by his being elected. The problem is that the people are being controlled by large corporations using mass media. And they are less educated thanks to their lobbying efforts and the rise of religiosity among the under served. What trump REALLY means by “giving the government back to the people” is that he is giving the government (We the People) to the corporations! No more lobbying at the grocery store or in the back offices of the House and the Senate. Now the corporations will be able to go straight to the President and his cabinet with their demands. And the mostly religiously charged Congress who believe Trump is the answer to their hard long fight against equality will no doubt support him just so long as he plays into their own religious pet causes.

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