The Classical Arguments


Cosmological argument – How could there be anything if there wasn’t a Cause (God) who was Uncaused (

Teleological argument – How could there be design in the world if there was no Designer (God –;&version=31)?

Moral argument – Why would people recognize right and wrong if there was no moral Law Giver (God –;%20James%204:12;&version=31)?

Ontological argument – Where would people get the idea of a Perfect Being (God) except from God Himself (;%20Romans%201:19;&version=31)?

These arguments were formulated by Christian and Muslim apologists centuries ago.  They were  demolished by philosophers such as Hume, Kant and Mill relatively soon after they were written. Philosophers since then have demolished various “upgrades” to the formulae offered by modern day Christian apologists (such as William Lane Craig).  Serious criticisms of these arguments have been offered by Christians themselves (for example, St. Thomas Aquinas).

Cosmological argument critiques

— and hundreds more.

Teleological argument critiques

— and hundreds more.

Ontological argument critiques

(This link includes summaries and critiques of just about every philosophical argument for the existence of a Christian-style god that has ever been made.  You should definitely take a look at this)

— and hundreds more.

Moral argument critiques

— and hundreds more.

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