My problem with the contingency arguments

Is there any realistic reason that God can exist in an instance for having immateriality, eternalness, timelessness, and the power to create? If there is a reason, a realistic one contingent upon interactiveness with the phenomenon known as our caustic universe. Can one provide these reasons, these instances that illustrate or demonstrate that one can know anything about god specifically these four attributes?

I wish to challenge anyone to provide information that leads one to the conclusion that aside from the need for these powers to exist from the contingency argument, which do not include intelligence, nor personality, that these powers are possible and specifically given to their own god without pushing them into a line of arguments that either come back to the contingency argument circularly, or infinitely regress.

My point being that even if one were to rely purely on the first cause contingency arguments, this does not logically lead one to a personal god, or a god on intellect at all. With the same veracity that one posits god in this instance, one can say that scientists simply call this first cause physics and theologians call it god. The Theologian however is making a leap of faith to the personality and intellectual portions of this and the scientist is merely allowing for possibility what could be theoretically true.

The appearance of a first cause and the need for it to be moved from a uncaused cause does in no way suggest that this thing needs anything that one would attribute to “God” since the context of this term “God” proposes things not necessary to the first cause contingency argument.

Sure we can at least come to the conclusion inferentially that a first cause is needed, and we can also come to the conclusion of what the first cause might need by definition to work logically in our reality. This does not in any way actually point to any understandings that we have defined as a god. Intelligence ex nihilo is not necessary for creation, intelligence appears to be necessary for ex materia creation, but even then we can recognize that nature causes things to exist without intellectual input that people can interpret as complex and seemingly designed.

So please, by all means, if one has a way to tie the cosmological contingency powers to ones personal god, I am all ears. Please cure my ignorance, but remember to show your work, and be honest. Thank you.

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