Candidate Without a Prayer, pg 151

I observed that allowing only one point of view on campus reflected poorly on any academic institution. Had the administration at the College of Charleston objected to the religion professor speaking a my institution, I would have fought it and engaged others on campus to help keep academic freedom alive. The chair of the CSU religion department told the reporter that the invitation was reminded because their ‘students had heard quite enough from Dr. Silverman recently.’ I asked what that means, since I had never been allowed to speak on their campus.
The reporter wrote that CSU provost declined to explain ‘how not allowing Silverman to speak in Johnson’s classroom fits in with CSU’s vision of academic freedom.’ Johnson also declined to comment, I’m sorry his institution has such an embarrassing position, and even sorrier that his students are denied opportunities to hear different points of view on campus.

-Herb Silverman, Candidate Without a Prayer

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